Who is LMH System?

LMH System is the brand behind the brand. Through a strategic partnership with ADO Bands, together our focus is to provide a vehicle for clients to have a no excuses mindset to stay active and healthy with our unique combination of equipment and workout programming.

The LMHS ecosystem has a core focus in the following areas:

  • Fitness equipment manufacturing
  • Workout program design & production
  • End to end eCommerce management


What is LMH System?

LMHS is an ecosystem that encompasses workout programs specifically designed to work with its proprietary exercise equipment. It provides a hybrid of functional training consisting of resistance (strength), cardiovascular (cardio), and mobility (balance) designed to cut and strengthen. It combines all three forms of training into one to give an effective and efficient workout in 30 – 45 minutes. The foundation of LMHS is its anchoring system (Low, Mid, High) and CRT (cardio resistance training) platform.

The LMHS methodology focuses on isolated body parts using circuit-based workouts with minimal rest keeping your heart rate elevated in its optimal fat burning zone while simultaneously building strength. This methodology allows for versatile, effective, and efficient total body workouts without needing a gym or big, heavy equipment.


Why LMH System?

Because it works!