3pc Challenge Workout Bundle


What’s Included?

  • 11 Piece Resistance Band Set
  • Loop Band (choose color and size below)
    • Size Medium (13” or 26″ in total circumference) under 160 lbs. bodyweight
    • Size Large (14″ or 28″ in total circumference)  160 – 200 lbs bodyweight
    • Size Extra Large (15″ or 30″ in total circumference) over 200lbs bodyweight
    • NOTE:  Light Gray Loop Band is EXTRA HEAVY RESISTANCE
  • Slider Discs
  • Challenge Workout (choose 2020 Spring Challenge, 2020 New Year Challenge or 2019 Fall Challenge)


ADO Slider Discs

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11 Piece Resistance Band Set

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ADO Loop Band

Challenge Workouts

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These are the exact workouts used in our 2019 Fall and 2020 New Year Challenge


  • All workouts are designed using the LMH System
  • 6 week workout program focusing on isolated body parts each day
  • 60 total circuits
  • Each circuit has 3 exercise movements
  • Every circuit/exercise has a video demonstration
  • Designed with 5 workout days and 2 rest days per week

Workouts available for download immediately after purchase AND emailed within minutes to your purchase email 

What’s the difference between Fall and New Year Challenge Workouts?

  • All workouts have the same format and are designed with heart rate and circuit based training
  • Each workout has different circuits and exercises from the other
  • Both workouts end each day with burnouts
  • New Year Challenge has a new circuit we introduced:  Metabolic Conditioning Circuit.  It’s the second circuit of each workout and encompasses one round of 3 cardio based moves done consecutively to elevate and keep your heart rate up.

Additional information

Weight .01 lbs
Challenge Workout

2019 Fall Challenge Workouts, 2020 New Year Challenge Workouts

ADO Loop Band

Challenge Workouts


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